What is Teacher Talking Time?


Welcome to Teacher Talking Time - a listening project that shares the voices and experiences of school teachers from the UK and around the world.

My name is Stefan and I am a teacher. 'Was' a teacher might be more accurate. I left the classroom life behind in 2014. I still work in education, I still work with children, I still have a laminator... but does that make me a teacher?

In 2019, I started Teacher Talking Time to explore how teachers - current, former and future - tell their own stories: the triumphs and failures, the struggles and ambitions and the things that make us laugh. Listening to the stories of others can give us a better understanding of ourselves. It helps us reflect, to make us laugh, to make us connect. Above all, listening to each other can help us realise that we are not alone.

The purpose of Teacher Talking Time is to profile these teachers and share their stories. The first stories appeared in September 2019 and every few weeks, more are added. This blog aims to start conversations and, maybe, turn this understaning into action.

I invite you to read, comment and share these stories. Please do so respectfully.

All names have been changed. If you would like to feature in Teacher Talking Time, please click the contact tab at the top of the page.

Many thanks,

Stefan Kucharczyk


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