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Thanks to Maria Mitchell for the illustration.   Anisha, 30s, is a primary school teacher from Birmingham. After a spell teaching abroad, she returned to the UK unsure of her next steps. "So, I came back from teaching in the Middle East last year. It was a private school with a really international staff – very diverse – and I really enjoyed it; the life in the Emirates was really good. Everyday, it was blue skies and warm weather. For me personally, it was a great experience. But when I came back to the UK, I wasn't sure about going back into teaching again full time. The thought of those early mornings again and getting up when it is dark was not for me at all! But then I didn't really fancy doing a year of supply again either. I get my positive energy from being around people, working in a team and being in a busy place – that’s harder to feel doing supply work. “So, I thought about a change of direction and I decided to train as a life coach. In one of my previous scho