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Annie, 60, is a former primary school teacher and deputy head from north west England. She is now a part-time university tutor. After a successful early career in a primary school, she took a career break to have her daughter. When she returned to the classroom around 10 years ago, she had a very different experience of being a teacher. "Have you heard the analogy of the flea? You have some fleas in a little jar and the fleas will ping up and down and they'll jump out. Now if you put a lid on the jar or a piece of cardboard on the top, the fleas will carry on jumping but they'll hit the lid and fall down. And as soon as you take the lid off again, they'll jump out. “But, you know, if you keep the lid on long enough, the fleas learn to stop jumping higher than the lid so even when you remove it, they won't jump out. They have forgotten it is possible to jump out of the jar. And, what’s really scary, is that the offspring of these fleas learn to never jump higher tha