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Two new guest illustrators: Hello to Maria and Matthew!

I am delighted to welcome Maria (7) and Matthew (4) Mitchell to the wonderful guest illustrator team behind the Teacher Talking Time profiles. They join Rhiann Leigh Curtis in helping bring the profiles of teachers and students to life! Look out for pictures by Maria, Matthew and Rhiann throughout 2020!   

Chai Son

Chai Son, mid 30s, is a former primary school teacher in Thailand. After several years in the classroom, he turned to an academic career. He is now a lecturer in education at a university in a region of Thailand that is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups. "We are not comfortable with change in Thailand. I was a primary school teacher at a public school for eight years. It was my dream to design a curriculum based on the local context. So, my lessons would include multicultural content. I reached out to the local community, making site visits with the children and inviting speakers to come and talk to my class - local wisdom is important. Sometimes I tried to implement this kind of lesson, but it was not very popular at school. Other teachers feel that I am not teaching the content of the curriculum, that by doing things differently I wasn't being a good teacher. They didn't blame me directly but, you know, I have the sense that they are not happy wit