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Brian is an experienced teacher in his 50s. Originally from the east Midlands, he has lived in northern England for more than twenty-five years. Six months ago, he left teaching after 25 years citing stress and burnout.  "I'm the last person in the world I thought it would happen to - going off on the sick, or anything like that. My family are all working class so the idea of going off on the sick for stress is not something that would really make sense to them. I didn't tell my mum when I took time off - she wouldn't have got it.   "I had always worked in primary but four years ago I went to work in secondary special education. I enjoyed working there. Around last Christmas time (2018), they announced there were opportunities for voluntary redundancy. It had never occurred to me that I wanted to leave or anything, but it was almost like the penny dropped at that point: "Oh my God. I don’t have to do this anymore!" It was a bit of a Road to